Alyssa’s Law

Alyssa's Law

Who are we?

911inform is the ONLY all-encompassing emergency system that empowers first responders. It is not a replacement for your existing 911 system but an expansion of that system to take advantage of the technology you currently have. Instantly get access to digital floor plans of the building for full situational awareness. With our geofencing capture, all 911 calls from anywhere on your property and their direct location.

How can we help?

With the 911inform platform, it runs parallel on the NG911 network to dispatch centers pinpointing the location of the emergency call. Instant notifications are sent to all parties in a 911inform geofenced building attached to a detailed floor plan. We get the first responders to you faster. Saving time, and possibly a life.

Advantages with 911inform:

      • The ONLY solution for RAY BAUM’s Act* & Alyssa’s Law compliant
      • Activate notifications via panic buttons
      • Full detailed floor plans
      • Geofencing

We can be installed in a matter of minutes due to already being integrated into 98% of your local PSAP centers.

911inform is the complete toolkit for today’s ever-changing technology in NG911 and the security sector. Let us enhance your next approach in safety solutions.

Emergencies won’t wait. Get 911inform today. It could save a life.


*As of January 2021, all organizations will be required to fulfill the RAY BAUM’s Act that was signed into law in 2018. This act emphasizes the importance of sharing precise location information when calling 911, which is invaluable information to first responders in locating callers and increasing potential emergency responses. 911inform is the ONLY solution that can meet all your safety, communication, and security needs.

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