Expanding the Future of Technology of E911

Expanding the Future of Technology of E911


Your standard 911 call isn’t delivering the fastest response times, but 911inform provides the ability to cut that time in half.  

911inform is the only all-encompassing emergency system that empowers first responders. It is not a replacement for your existing 911 system but an expansion of that system to take advantage of the technology you currently have. You have total control of any and all emergency situations with access to the location of a call’s origin, detailed maps of the premises, real-time communication with on-site personnel, and remote control of a building’s security systems (i.e. doors, strobes, intercoms, and cameras).

From a young age, we have understood that 911 was for emergency purposes. When dialing 911, the dispatcher will receive the main address and assign it to the nearest police officer. It could take anywhere between 5 to 40 minutes. What if you are in dire need of help, in an unfamiliar place, and are unable to dictate exactly where you are?

With the 911inform platform, it runs parallel on the NG911 network to dispatch centers pinpointing the EXACT location of the emergency call. Instant notifications are sent to all parties in a 911inform geofenced building attached to a detailed floor plan. We get the first responders to you faster. Saving time, and possibly a life.

“911inform was created when I saw that the communication and the tools that police departments had were lacking,” said Ivo Allen, 911inform founder, and CEO. “Working with the police I knew the main points of their issues they had so I started developing 911inform. The first issue being is in finding the EXACT location of the caller.”

To get a look at what 911inform can do, go to 911inform.com and watch our introductory video. We will walk you through a scenario from the time a 911 call is placed, the direct communication lines between the building personnel and first responders, and the overall conclusion of the emergency. With full situational awareness across multiple platforms and no need for additional equipment, we put first responders FIRST.

“Our 911 Center has increased its’ capabilities while decreasing response times,” said Michael Danielson, a police chief from New Jersey. “The information pushing out to the department officers provides timely information while keeping everyone informed of an incident. The officers and dispatchers are provided with accurate mapping information to specific locations within our schools. We look forward to continuing our partnership.”

911inform is the complete toolkit for today’s ever-changing technology in the E911 and security sector. Let us enhance your next approach to safety solutions. Need to see more? Go to 911inform.com and register for a live demonstration. Make every second count when it matters most.