Educational institutions across our nation must be held to the highest standards of safety and security. In order to foster development of our next generation of leaders, we must create environments where students can feel safe. The emergency response systems that exist today are outdated, lack interoperability and don’t solve for an increasingly growing problem for emergency response teams; cellphone 911 calls. As much as 85% of all 911 calls today are made from cellphones and existing systems don’t provide the necessary caller location data for first responders to accurately respond to the emergency. 911inform has solved for cellular 911 calls by partnering with RapidSOS, ensuring that every 911 call or text made over cellular networks notifies the required public safety personnel of the emergency location, within meters of reliability and provides them with the SMART building technologies required to more effectively manage the situation.


Ensuring the safety of young children is a priority for all faculty in pre-kindergarten schools & daycare environments. The 911inform solution ensures that every call to 911, whether over desktop PBX phone or cellphone, will notify the required public safety personnel of the emergency location and provide them with access to live video feeds, overhead paging and door controls to more effectively manage the situation.


Between Kindergarten and 12th grade, students are in their primary formative years. In order to foster the development of our future generations of leaders, we need to create environments that encourage learning. Establishing safe learning environments is key to this process and with 911inform, schools can rest assured that anyone (whether student, teacher, faculty member or guest) who dials 911 on any device, will send notifications to the required public safety teams.

Higher Education

College’s & Universities are known to have some of the most sprawling educational campuses in the country. With 911inform, we geofence your entire campus location so that anyone who walks within your geo-grid and dials 911 from any smartphone device, will activate our software and alert your local PSAP as well as any public safety or security teams within your organization.