Public Venues

Public Venues

Open spaces are some of the most difficult areas for emergency first responders to locate the 911 caller. With 911inform, we can geofence any large open space and provide first responders with the visual tools to quickly and accurately locate the 911 caller and save valuable time.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are tasked with overseeing the safety of the thousands of customers on a day-to-day basis. Spread out across large areas of property, security and medical teams can only cover so much ground. With 911inform, the second someone dials 911 within your amusement park grounds, all required emergency teams are notified and sent the exact location of the emergency caller, ensuring they can get the help and assistance needed.


Most beaches encompass miles of publicly accessible area. Lifeguards and medical teams are well-trained to respond to any crisis situations; however, these individuals can only oversee so much of the property. With 911inform, we can geofence your entire beach and ensure that every time someone dials 911, your public safety teams will be notified immediately of the situation with directions to the 911 caller location.

Golf Courses

Golf courses encompass large swaths of land and are difficult for emergency teams to respond to when situations arise. With 911inform, we can provide any emergency response teams with the visual tools too quickly and effectively identify the location of the emergency caller and respond accordingly.


National parks are some of the biggest tourism draws of our nation. It’s important that National Park Services take the necessary precautions to protecting all visitors. With 911inform, we will geofence your park location and notify all public safety teams whenever somebody places a 911 call.

Ski Resorts

Emergency situations are common amongst ski resorts. Whether it’s a ski accident or a missing person, 911inform will notify your response teams the second someone dials 911 and provide overlaid maps to quickly and effectively navigate to the location of the 911 caller.