Ensuring the safety of all guests is a primary responsibility for resorts. With 911inform, any 911 call will alert your staff to the location of the 911 caller and provide public safety teams with the video, voice and door access control capabilities to quickly and efficiently manage the emergency.


Casino’s operate on a 24/7 basis and must constantly be on the lookout for any emergency situations. 911inform makes it easy by alerting your staff of any 911 calls made on your premise while providing first responder teams with the connected-building technologies to more effectively manage the emergency.

Convention Centers

Convention centers oversee thousands of people and businesses during an event. It’s vital that these organizations can ensure the safety and security of all guests. 911inform provides the capabilities to map out your building’s floorplans, mark all important emergency-related locations within the center and provide any first responders with the situational awareness tools to ensure the safety of all patrons.

Destination Resorts

Destination resorts exist in all corners of the globe. A key selling point for these resorts is the ability to make guests always feel safe. 911inform is the all-encompassing emergency solution to manage lockdowns, shelter-in-place procedures, medical emergencies and more.

Overnight Hotels

Guests may only be temporary, but organizational safety is forever. With 911inform, every 911 call alerts your staff and required emergency personnel of the location of the emergency caller and the quickest access route to their location in real-time.