LDS for Panasonic

911inform LDS for RAY BAUM’S Act §506 Compliance of Panasonic Telephone Systems

The 911inform solution for Panasonic allows customers to protect the investment in their legacy communications systems by providing RAY BAUM’S Act §506 compliant functionality for the existing installed base of Panasonic telephone systems. The 911inform solution was built off 911inform’s innovative, and award-winning Location Discovery Solution (LDS) and as integrated into the Panasonic PBX systems, it now provides owners of the existing Panasonic phone systems with the RAY BAUM’S Act compliant functionality as now required under federal law.


Pricing for the 911inform solution is based on # of devices that need to be supported for location services. 

Maintenance is included for the first year.

LDS Panasonic Pricing Chart 2

Installation is required.


How to Purchase

To purchase the 911inform solution, please contact 911inform at 833-333-1911 or