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About NG911 FutureMakers™
As the nation’s NG911 infrastructure is being built, a select group of industry professionals is tasked with the critical mission of crafting an environment that will be a fine balance of new technology and citizen safety. This podcast will not only provide recognition to these critical industry icons but share their thoughts and ideas in hopes that they will inspire leaders today, as well as the leaders in training for the future.

News & Media

911inform: An All-encompassing Emergency System for Tackling Crisis Situations

Read this in-depth article from Gov Cio Outlook interviewing our president and CEO, Ivo Allen. Ivo dives into 911inform's beginnings, how we stand out, and where we are going in the future of public safety.

VSBLTY, 911inform Make First Deployment of 'Total Solutions' Security Software

Advanced Security Technology Can Provide Incident Data to 911, First Responders Anywhere in U.S.

omniQ Partners with 911inform

omniQ Corp. (NADSAQ: OMQS) (“omniQ ” or “the Company”), a provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT – based solutions, and 911inform LLC (“911inform”) have entered into a partnership to deliver technology solutions for AI-based object recognition and location discovery.


Honey? Where are the pots?

Likely a common question by a bachelor’s new fiancé when first moving in and living with their new mate; or by a newlywed husband that can finally see his kitchen counter for the first time in years, but it’s not something that you’d expect to hear from a telecom manager.

NG911 Creeping Down from the Great White North

A common outcry heard amongst NG911 skeptics is that this new infrastructure will cost far too much money, in the existing network is in great need of repair. The aging legacy E911 network has indeed been ignored from a technology refresh perspective for years. However, it is also very likely that diverting money from a new system to maintain the existing infrastructure may not be the best investment.

Video 911 - Is it a Reality?

There is no denying that COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we live, work, and communicate. As businesses were forced into lockdown, the pandemic caused a massive surge in remote-enabled unified communications. Fortunately, to maintain some sense of business survivability, workers at nearly every level were forced into daily video communications sessions.


NG911 FutureMakers™ Episode 13: Prof. Carol Davids

On our last episode of NG911 FutureMakers™ Fletch speaks with Prof. Carol Davids on the evolution of real-time communications throughout the industry.

NG911 FutureMakers™ Episode 12: Christopher Carver, ENP

Watch our VP of Public Safety Mark (Fletch) Fletcher, ENP talk to Christopher Carver, ENP - Chris understand the mission, he understands managing the mission and the people who can make the difference.

NG911 FutureMakers™ Episode 11: Darrin Reilly

Watch our VP of Public Safety Mark (Fletch) Fletcher, ENP talk to Darrin Reilly - President & CEO of Mission Critical Partners, LLC. Next Generation 911 networks are made up of many different components. Most of these are new to the public safety professional. Mission Critical Partners CEO Darrin Reilly, provides some insight into his company’s role in this critical segment.