Plan and Prepare – Keeping Schools Safe

Plan and Prepare — Keeping Schools Safe

A Lunch & Learn Training

In partnership with True Security Design

Hosted by Joseph Pangara, CPO, CSO

This program will prepare school officials to create a response plan for violent incidents in their schools and how to harden the buildings. In this forum, we encourage all school personnel to come together to receive training and information on state-of-the-art best practices related to school security issues.

When: November 2nd from 11 AM EST until 4 PM EST.

Where: 911inform Headquarters – 1709 Hwy 34, Suite 6, Wall Township, NJ 07727

In-person attendees will receive a free lunch.

Topic Overview:

  • The History of Active Shooters
  • The Student Based Threat
  • Internal vs. External Threats
  • Surviving the Active Shooter Incident; How to Respond to the Unthinkable
  • Electronic Tabletop Training
  • Detailed Instruction on Planning an Active Shooter Drill
  • Safety and Security Concerns During an Actual Lock Down
  • Safety Equipment
  • Documenting Your Training

After completing this program you can use this information to enhance the safety and security from your school to the staff and students.


Joseph Pangaro is a retired 27-year veteran police officer having retired at the rank of Lieutenant in 2013. Lt. Pangaro was the lead training instructor of his police agency and certified as an instructor by the NJ Police Training Commission. He was trained in school security assessments by the Department of Homeland Security and is also a trained and certified crime prevention officer who continues to train police officers at police academies throughout the Northeast. He has built the curriculum for school security training programs, including “Plan and Prepare” and “Planning the Active Shooter Drill.” These programs are based on his experience as a police training officer and are delivered to hundreds of police officers and schools in the region. He has also created multiple training programs – both classroom and hands-on based – for schools, law enforcement and business communities on topics of safety and security, proper investigations, anti-drug awareness, cyberbullying, interview skills and violence response. Click here to learn more about True Security Design.