The Secret to Making Schools Safe

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The Secret to Making Schools Safe

Taking School Security to the Next Level

Federal Compliance and School Safety for K-12
Date: May 11, 2023
Time: 11 AM EST

When it comes to school safety the most important thing is protecting the students and staff from various emergency situations. However, keeping your student body and staff safe and managing that safety can get complex.

911inform has streamlined the safety and management processes into an easy-to-use browser-based cloud application. 911inform is a notification and emergency management solution providing state-of-the-art tools to effectively mitigate ANY emergency situation. Our platform supports both school administration and emergency services with bidirectional communication and controls needed to successfully manage a crisis and save valuable time.

Key points on why 911inform should be incorporated into your district:

  1. Immediately alert all necessary security, medical teams, and administration during any emergency using available devices within your campus.
  2. Pinpoint emergency locations on interactive maps of your campus. All VoIP and cellular phones dialed anywhere on the property, inside or out, will trigger the notification system.
  3. Access all security technology such as video surveillance and door access controls.
  4. Communicate and respond alongside first responders using our real-time comment section. 911inform is easily accessible and available to 911 Call Centers systems and replies immediately.
  5. Add the locations for emergency equipment (AEDs and fire extinguishers) and emergency shutoffs for equipment and science labs.
  6. Utilize the internal communication system to keep your campus’s on-site teams up to date with real-time responses. Report who is on-site, clearly communicate the situation, and resolve emergencies quicker.