The One Button That Will Help Your Organization Save Lives

The One Button That Will Help Your Organization Save Lives


The ONLY one-touch Panic Buttons you need that sends a silent notification instantly to your local law enforcement.

911inform is an all-encompassing software that takes your organization’s safety tools and puts it all in one place. With our app-based panic button or silent alarms, we give every device at the tip of your hands the capability to notify law enforcement that a situation is occurring. Taking your organization’s emergency action plan, we can customize the software for each type of emergency.

During any critical situation, adrenaline sets in a certain level of panic. Any emergency is stressful and when you want to alert the police, you don’t want to announce it to the perpetrator. In some instances, reaching for the phone to dial 9-1-1 is not an option. Can you guarantee the safety of an employee when they are confronted by an angry individual?

911inform effortlessly integrates directly with any organization’s infrastructure using physical and software-based panic buttons. These are readily available for cell and premise-based phones, desktops, laptops, and tablets allowing any device on the premises to act as a panic button and trigger a silent alarm or emergency. After a panic button has been pressed, a silent notification is immediately sent to local law enforcement. From every notification, they will receive a detailed floor plan displaying the location of the emergency and access cameras/video surveillance, alarm systems, door controls, an open chat dialog, and other connected building systems.

“With 911inform, we took into consideration of making these panic buttons easy for any user,” said Mark Fletcher, vice president of public safety. “With the simplicity of these panic buttons, they’re conveniently available on any device delivering rapid responses, while increasing emergency personnel’s situational awareness.”

Traditional panic buttons trigger alarms to a central station monitoring facility who then calls law enforcement. Why tack on minutes to response times when you can get a direct connection through 911inform? When we link your panic buttons, the police immediately receive the notification in addition to connecting that person with the police.

“The app-based panic buttons have saved my business hundreds of dollars because I didn’t have to buy extra equipment with service fees,” says Winston Smith, director of IT and security. “With our safety plan, our employees has countless options available to them in requesting help or to help others who are unable to send a notification.”

911inform offers all the tools needed for first responders to have full real-time situational awareness and communication with your organization. With an easy-to-use application, no extra software downloads, or unnecessary equipment, 911inform can help monitor your entire organization. Let us show you how by registering for a live demo at