About Us

About Us

In 2015, the founder of 911inform, Ivo Allen, found inspiration for the company after watching news footage of a recent shooting. Unfortunately, this is an issue that’s far too prevalent here in the US, but what really struck Ivo was the fact that many of the victims passed away from the inability of emergency first-response teams to arrive on the scene quickly enough. This was due to a variety of factors, but the core reason was the fact that these first responders didn’t have the tools available to them to gain a better grasp of the emergency at hand. They had little to no transparency into the emergency and little to no direct communication with those affected by it. They would often be walking into an emergency totally blind, and in an active shooter situation, this is unacceptable. With new technological advancements in safety and security systems, Ivo knew there was a better way. He went to work on the product and after years of testing, 911inform was formally established in 2018.

Ivo Allen

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Over 27 years of experience in government, county, and municipality technology with a focus on communications and networking
  • Founded Hunter Technologies in 2001 which has grown to become the premier government communications contractor in New Jersey for Avaya and Extreme
    • Hunter provides communication platforms and networking to over 130 municipalities, counties, and police organizations in New Jersey
  • Sits on the Board of Directors at iCERT (Industry Council for Emergency Response Technology)
Jody GrandPre

Jody GrandPre

Chief Operating Officer
  • Over 30 years of communications, networking, and security solutions experience
  • Prior experience in leadership roles at Carousel Industries (Vice President of Sales), Strategic Products and Services (Vice President), and Imagine Technologies (President and CEO)
  • Track record of building companies, managing sales teams, establishing sales channels, and driving revenue growth
Mark J. Fletcher ENP

Mark J. Fletcher, ENP

Vice President of Public Safety
  • 40 years of experience working in the technology intersection of advanced communications solutions and emergency services
  • Prior experience at Nortel and Avaya while serving on major Federal committees, the Presidential NSTAC Advisory Committee for NG911 services, and as a Federally appointed advisor on multiple national committees
  • Serves as the Northeast Liaison for the NENA Institute Board and sits on the RapidSOS Technical Advisory Board
  • Listed as an Inventor on many U.S. Patents for NG911 Public Safety Call handling products
  • Has received awards from Avaya, IAUG, NG911 Institute, NENA, and Frost and Sullivan
  • Authored original Kari’s Law Legislation and collaborated directly with state and federal regulators to have similar legislation enacted at the state and national levels
Donna Thompson, Esq.

Donna Thompson, Esq.

Corporate Counsel
  • Over 25 years of corporate legal experience
  • Thirty-plus years of business management experience
  • Track record of successfully representing private and publicly held corporations in litigation and regulatory compliance issues on the state and federal level

Who Is

911inform logo alternative
911inform is the only all-encompassing platform to help emergency response teams better manage communication and connected-building controls directly related to an emergency. Our solution provides emergency notifications to dispatch, first responders and key building personnel seconds after a 911 emergency phone call is placed within a 911inform geofenced building location. Our software is activated, through PBX phone or smartphone, and provides an emergency notification to all required parties, as well as the exact location (within 3 meters of accuracy) of the emergency event location. We then hand the connected-building controls to dispatch and emergency response teams, allowing them to use the video surveillance feeds, voice control systems and door access capabilities directly related to the emergency, ensuring that they can arrive on scene as quickly as possible and be better prepared when they do.

The 911inform Team

We here at 911inform are a group dedicated to changing the public safety and security industries. We realize that never before have we had such incredible technological advancements in the public safety sector, and yet we feel as ‘unsafe’ as ever. The system is broken and requires a missing link. 911inform provides that missing link, tying together key safety and security advancements into one shared communication and connected-building platform. If 911 is the message, 911inform is the toolkit needed to effectively manage emergency communications and IOT building capabilities. We envision our product being used in every school, government-building, hotel, resort, and mall in America to better manage emergency situations. And we’re deeply passionate about spreading that vision.


Michael Clark

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO of 911inform for the last year and a half, Michael Clark has worked to drive customer-facing technology forward in highly innovative and resilient ways. His background in networking has allowed him to create highly functional and secure connectivity models to facilitate the development team’s interop needs. He is ultimately responsible for integration progress and aims for his team to constantly improve and adapt its offerings in an ever-changing marketplace.


Michael Kirilenko, CISSP

Chief Security Officer

As the Chief Security Officer (CSO) at 911inform, Michael Kirilenko is responsible for supervising and executing the company’s comprehensive security strategy. With over 15 years of expertise in defense, intelligence, and commercial domains, he has held numerous positions in security engineering and architecture. Throughout his career, Mike has demonstrated his ability to lead and implement cybersecurity frameworks in high-profile projects at the federal and enterprise levels, earning recognition for his accomplishments. Leveraging his diverse background, Mike plays a crucial role in guaranteeing that 911inform not only complies with security standards but surpasses them in the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity. His expertise ensures the secure and reliable delivery of emergency communications to first responders, safeguarding the integrity of our services.


Cody GrandPre

National Account Manager

Cody GrandPre has held various leadership roles in disruptive technology companies. His National Account Manager role allows him to take this approach when working directly with clients across the country, bringing together diverse stakeholders to accomplish a single goal: getting valuable data feeds previously inaccessible to those who need them to improve emergency response.


Jake Damphousse

Channel Manager

Jake Damphousse has always been drawn toward collaborative projects such as baseball and playing music. As Channel Manager for 911inform, Jake can collaborate with channel partners to bring 911inform’s situational awareness solutions to the national market.


Samantha Weyant

Director of Marketing

Samantha Weyant is our director of marketing who has overseen our exponential growth on social media. Her skill set also includes a strong understanding of graphic design which has led to her being trusted with decisions made about our UI and various iconography employed by our website. She is a core member of our team whose work shines through the many faces of our company.


Joe McAndrew

Imaging Director

Joe McAndrew is our Imaging Director who is able to rally his team to execute all our digital maps with speed and precision. He is a self-taught graphic designer, always eager to learn to improve his methods and skillsets.


Hunter Allen

Lead Developer

Hunter Allen has always been a lover of games and started coding from a young age. This head start gave him the advantage of learning quickly and excelling through college. His talents and excellent leadership skills paved his way to becoming 911inform’s go-to guy as Lead Developer. He will do anything if you bring him Wendy’s.


Dan Earl

Software Engineer Expert

Dan Earl is our most experienced developer with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Throughout his time spent with us, he has been a solid force in our department that always has been able to implement any new features that clients request without delay. Whenever he tackles a task, he completes it quickly and in a way that leaves no room for errors to be found. Dan has been a core member that the development team has relied on for his stay here and will continue to rely on him in the future.


David Stearns

Software Developer

David Stearns is a brilliant software engineer in the making who has been in charge of implementing the new UI and is at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of technology at 911inform. He is well versed in languages varying from C++ to Java to Node.js. He has an illuminating future in the world of computer science, and we are excited to have him working with us.


Bryan Oswin

Jr. Developer & Lead Quality Assurance

Bryan Oswin is a Jr. Developer & Lead Quality Assurance who works directly with the developers to ensure our product is the best it can be. His duty as QA is to perform rigorous testing of the application and report any issues or bugs to the team. He is currently going to school for Software Engineering and will make a fantastic developer one day.


Vincent Pino

Jr. Developer

Vincent Pino approaches every new technical challenge as an opportunity to expand his knowledge and skillset. Whether he is integrating systems or improving UI/UX, Vincent is ready to collaborate with both clients and his fellow colleagues in order to deliver the best product possible. Outside of the office, Vincent enjoys hiking, playing video games, trying new foods, and taking long naps on the beach.


Benjamin Hayduchok

Jr. Developer

Benjamin Hayduchok is a passionate programmer eager to learn and expand his skillset. His extroverted nature and drive to support his peers allow him to encourage his co-workers to promote a positive workplace. Combining both knowledge and his strong communication ability, he can swiftly instruct and inform his colleagues whenever necessary.


Steven Cain

IT Support Manager

Steven Cain is our Support Technician Lead who has a knack for detail. He is responsible for debugging, testing patch updates, and ensuring that the final product observes the company’s quality standards.


Eric Geller

Quality Assurance Engineer

Eric Geller is one of the Quality Assurance Engineers and has a passion for growing his skillset in software development. With experience in a variety of programming languages and a strong customer service background, he puts his best foot forward each day to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and software usability.