Higher Education School Safety

Higher Education School Safety

Colleges and universities boast expansive educational campuses nationwide. By implementing 911inform, we establish a geofence around your entire campus area. This technology ensures that whenever someone within the geofenced zone dials 911 from any smartphone, our software instantly activates, notifying your local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) along with any public safety or security teams affiliated with your organization.

Optimize Crisis Communication and Elevate Emergency Response Capabilities

911inform revolutionizes safety and management processes with its user-friendly browser-based software. Our platform seamlessly integrates campus administration and emergency services, facilitating efficient crisis management and saving precious time. When an emergency occurs, our system promptly sends text and/or email alerts to on-site security, health professionals, and administration, initiating immediate communication and instructions while first responders are on their way.

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Through our mass notification system, the administration gains instant knowledge of the who, what, where, and when of any emergency. Your organization can assign specific permissions to user lists, ensuring tailored directions for each notification type. Our notifications provide vital information, including the origin of the call, interactive mapping, real-time communication with on-site personnel (including first responders), and remote control of building security systems such as doors, strobes, intercoms, and cameras. With a user-friendly interface that requires no additional software downloads or unnecessary equipment, 911inform empowers you to monitor your entire organization effectively.



Kari’s Law & RAY BAUM’S Act


Notifications are instantly sent of 911 calls from a native dialer, no app is required.


Connect to Door Access Controls, Security Cameras, Paging, Facial Recognition, Gun Shot Detection, and many more features.

Campus Security & Public Safety Features

  • Kari’s Law, RAY BAUM’S Act, & Alyssa’s Law Compliance
  • Bi-directional communication between your district and local public safety.
  • Enhanced situational awareness during an emergency.
  • Integrated safety technologies used during an emergency.

  • SIS integrations to provide enhanced emergency response for student safety.
  • Mass notification capabilities for emergencies and non-emergencies.
  • Interactive floor plans for clear notifications of emergencies.
  • Panic Buttons – desk phones and virtual options available.

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Building Safety and Emergency Response Connected Building Controls

911inform’s connected building controls are an advanced system designed to enhance emergency response capabilities in buildings. This innovative solution leverages the power of connectivity and intelligent technology to provide real-time information and facilitate efficient emergency communication. This integration encompasses fire alarms, security systems, access controls, surveillance cameras, and other critical building infrastructure. By interconnecting these systems, the solution creates a comprehensive network that allows for swift and effective emergency response.

911inform’s connected building controls revolutionize emergency response capabilities in buildings. By integrating various systems, providing real-time situational awareness, enabling efficient communication, and offering valuable guidance, this innovative solution helps mitigate risks, save lives, and minimize property damage during emergencies. With its intelligent and connected infrastructure, it represents a significant leap forward in building safety and emergency management.

  • Cell Phone Notifications
  • PBX Phones
  • Camera Integration
  • Door Controls
  • Strobe Lights
  • Alarms
  • Voice Controls (Paging)
  • Speakers

  • Common Messaging Platform
  • Screen Pop
  • AEDs/Chemical/Fire Extinguishers
  • Reunification
  • Safety Checks
  • Attendance Check-ins
  • Drill Mode
  • Emergency Event Types

Special Add-on Features

Weapon & Gunshot Detection

AI & Facial Recognition

License Plate Reading

Environmental Monitoring

With support for more than 200 integrations, our solution seamlessly utilizes all of your current hardware.

911inform’s user-friendly software, integrated platform, and connected building controls represent a significant leap forward in campus safety and emergency management. By leveraging intelligent technology and connectivity, this innovative solution empowers colleges and universities to enhance their emergency response capabilities, ensuring the well-being of students, staff, and visitors.

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